Ciao Bello Sorbet

>> Thursday, April 30, 2009

When it comes to desserts I feel like there are two kinds of people: chocolate people and sweet people. I am a sweets person through and through. I've said before that I would drink sugar if it were an option and after having a root canal at the age of 18 you would think I would slow down...but no, my love for sweet things runs deep. So it pleased me when Jef told me about two of my favorite things combined, sweet, delicious blackberries and wine all in a smooth, refreshing sorbet. 

Ciao Bella is a line of sorbets and gelatos that started in Little Italy in 1983 and since has grown to be featured in grocery stores across the states and for good reason: it's AWESOME. The blackberry cabernet is my favorite flavor to date (although blood orange and lemon are very tasty). It's sweet like a juicy blackberry but finishes like a nice cabernet. 

Ciao Bella has quite the plethora of unique flavors, and yes, even a thing or two for the chocolate lovers. If you see it in the grocery store I would highly suggest picking one up! 


J. Floyd May 1, 2009 at 12:13 PM  

I have tried blackberry cabernet, blood orange, mango, and chardonnay strawberry. The blackberry cab is prob my least favorite, but they are all delicious. I don't eat very many sweets, but this one is well worth it...


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