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Frugal Foodies Twitter Page

Listen. I didn't get it either. Why do I care about people constantly updating, telling me what they are doing? I have a life. Duh. Isn't this just like facebook status updates?

Here's the thing though. Twitter is so much more than just updating and I don't know why. Seriously, I find myself checking Twitter more than facebook and this scares me. I've had a personal Twitter account for quite awhile, but recently I created a Frugal Foodies Twitter account and I really enjoy updating and trying to write quick recipes on there. So if you are on Twitter, obviously follow me, but here are some other foodies that have some great things to say!

  • Amateur Gourmet - Author Adam tweets about food, his life and other things that entertain me

  • Foodimentary - Fun facts about food, and I just really enjoy it

  • Everyday Food - An extension of the Martha Stewart Magazine; tweet great, quick recipes

  • Smitten Kitchen - recipes, photos etc. I just like them.

These two people I just love:

  • AcrosstheMoat - my girl Dell tweets about her daily life and it always entertains me!

  • MarcyLane - oh dearest Marcy. I follow Marcy on my phone so I always can she where in the city she is. Seriously at least once a day she makes me laugh out loud, well when she says something funny of course.

Anyways, thought I would change it up and let you in on all the cool people on Twitter. Most of them have blogs as well that they link to from their Twitter account. You are allowed to go to their blogs, however, you are NOT allowed to like them more than me (obviously...)


Acrossthemoat April 2, 2009 at 1:49 PM  

OMG! I am feeling the love! I promise to continue posting my daily meals photos and tidbits. Can't wait for us to join up for our filipino intro meal. Soon soon!


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