Lunchbox - The Perfect Tailgate Drink

>> Thursday, August 28, 2008

With football season rapidly approaching I felt that a cocktail centered around a tailgate is the perfect drink.

Listen, we all know bloody mary's, screw driver's and mimosa's, but what about a lunchbox? Yesterday Leah suggested this drink and after having tasted it, I can agree, its great!


  • 1 shot - Amaretto
  • 1 Beer (you'll only use about half)
  • Splash of Orange Juice

Fill a 12 ounce glass with about a 1/2 a beer to get it be about half the glass. Then add a few splashes of orange juice (make sure you leave about 1/4 of the glass empty) and if you are a chugger drop the shot of Amaretto in the beer/orange juice mixture, and start chuggin! Personally im not a chugger, so I prefer to sip on this tasty little concoction.

Either way this is a gaurenteed way to mix up your tailgating routine! I know that I will be partaking in a few lunchboxes this weekend!


Hal's -- Atlanta

>> Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today we have a great post from my number one publicist, Bethany. We we talking last week and she brought up an excellent point: there are foodies all over the country and not just where I am. I had thought about this earlier in the year but never capitalized on it -- GUESTS POSTS! I know a few people sent in recipes and I promise they will get posted, I wasn't as diligent as I should have been, but you will see your name in bright text, no worries.

Without further adieu here is Bethany's review of Hal's in Atlanta!


Their slogan speaks for itself, I ate at Hal’s for the first time last week and I can honestly say that Hal’s is one of my favorite restaurants in the whole city. It might be Atlanta’s best kept secret. Walking through the doors brings you back to an era-gone-by where “supper clubs” and “speakeasy’s” ruled the country. Warm, dark and cozy is hard to find in Atlanta these days, especially paired with an energetic nightly band that serves up a mixture of Motown music and anything ranging from big band New Orleans style jazz to Beale Street blues. Hal’s golden era atmosphere mixed with superb culinary creations of steaks and seafood was just what I was looking for.

Enough about that and on to the food….for an appetizer we ordered two things, the first was Oysters Bordelaise which are lightly dusted, flash fried oysters in a buttery crab sauce (this was amazing) and the second was Shrimp Remoulade with crab covered in a tangy Creole sauce. Next we had the Iceberg Wedge salad’s (Melissa I thought about you and how much you would love this). This was not any old iceberg wedge, it was the best one I have ever had. Covered with creamy blue cheese dressing, crispy bacon and tons of baby blue cheese crumbles. Sounds basic but I assure you there was nothing boring about this wedge, it was a tasty explosion of goodness in every bite. For the main course we had a 14 oz. bone-in-filet which was cooked to a “rare medium plus”. I like to think of myself as a steak connoisseur and this was melt in your mouth delicious. The bone gives it great flavor and it was cooked just how I like it…absolute perfection! The sides I would recommend are white truffle macaroni and cheese and of course asparagus.

It's moderately priced with most appetizers under $10 and entrees ranging from $21 - $35, so good for small dinner for two, or a party of twenty I recommend Hal’s to anyone in the market for a restaurant with a great atmosphere paired with an even better meal.

Enough said: Hal’s slogan got right…this is one restaurant I will be returning to for life!

30 Old Ivy Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30342
(404) 261-0025

Many thanks to Bethany and this great post, especially when I am feeling a little under the weather :)


New Posts Tomorrow!

>> Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm feeling a little under the weather today (probably allergies but could be something else), but don't fear, I had two incredible meals this weekend so I will be back shortly :)


Squid vs. Calamari - Same or Different?

>> Thursday, August 21, 2008

Let's be honest, who doesn't love calamari? If you haven't tried it you obviously should, its delicious. As most of my dear foodies know, calamari is squid. However, is a squid necessarily calamari?

This question was brought up over dinner this past weekend so I did a little research. Basically calamari is the name of particular types of squid, however, the term is widely used to describe the rings of squid that can be prepared using any species of the squid family.


Caracas Arepas - Restaurant review

>> Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let me preface this by saying you know something is good when you go for lunch then go back for dinner. Yeah, that's happened with Caracas Arepas. Jef and I had seen Caracas on an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay and immediately knew that this was someplace that we would have to try.

Now for those that don't know (and I didn't till I saw this episode), arepas are flat cornmeal patties which can either be grilled, baked, or fried (yum!) and basically they stuff the arepas with all different kinds of meat and cheeses.

Located on the corner of 7th and 1st ave, Caracas fits into the delightful urban mix that is the East Village. Ethnic food is everywhere and the streets are lined with tiny eateries that are sure to be someone's favorite and Caracas is now mine.

I'll just start with dinner, because while Jef and I did go for lunch, it was a warm up, we did dinner the right way.

So to start off the night right we decided to get the Venezuelan interpretation of Sangria, a light wine and fruity mixture and get some appetizers:

  • Yoyos - deep fried balls of sweet plantain stuffed with white cheese with a deliciously sweet honey dipping sauce

  • Guasacaca & Chips - Venezuelan style guacamole with chips

The yoyos were so sweet Jef and I both stated that it could probably be a mild dessert but delicious none the less and who doesn't love guac and plantain chips? Everyone, duh!

Now we made the mistake at lunch by ordering only one arepas. As it turns out that will not fill you up, unless you don't like to eat and we do. Arepas are smaller, almost like a tiny pita, so basically you need to order two if that is all you're getting. Since we got two appetizers, I ordered one and Jef ordered two:

  • De Pabello - shredded beef, black beans, sweet plantains and aged cheese (pictured right)

  • La de Pernil - roasted pork shoulder with tomato slices and a spicy mango sauce
Basically what I am trying to communicate is arepas are a little piece of Venezuelan heaven in your mouth. The arepas itself is bread that is sweet, crunchy and yet soft. I don't know how it works and I don't care its beyond ridiculously good.

If you are interesting in trying a new cusine, I would highly suggest venturing into Venezuelan, its not a far departure from Mexican, but completely different techniques and flavor profiles.

I should also mention this place is a great value for all you're getting. For the two of us to eat it was $47 with drinks, 3 arepas, and 2 appetizers! Yeah, for us thats the cheapest dinner we've had...

In case you don't think I loved it, check out the pure bliss stretched across my face as I try and devour the arepas...amazing. Thanks to Jef and his amazing photo skills :)

Caracas Arepas Bar
93 1/2 East 7th
New York, NY 10009

Check for hours of operations, the restaurant is open at 5, but they do have a smaller to-go place next door open all hours.


Dearest Foodies...

>> Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dearest Foodies,

It's a little busy today but more posts to come! I promise!

Hang tight, had lots of interesting eating experiences this weekend...


New York Food and Wine Festival

>> Thursday, August 14, 2008

UMMM Yeah I'm excited.

The list of celebrity chefs that will be there is just unreal (Bobby Flay, Rachel Ray, Paula Deen etc.), and the events look promising.

If you are in the city, you should definitely make plans to go and buy tickets now! October 9 - 12 -- SEE YOU THERE!


Cafeteria - Restaurant Review

>> Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ah Cafeteria...drunk, hungover, sober, it will accommodate all your needs and in any state of mind. Ladies you may be saying "where do I know that name from?" No, it is not a reference to your elementary school, it made an appearance in an episode of Sex and the City and for good reason -- its AMAZING.

Just ask Kara, one of my dear friends that came to visit. To set this up, this is one of those Saturdays where you just hate your life. I'll be the first to admit, I have calmed down a lot since college, and since Kara just got her Masters, so she brought college with her and I just couldn't keep up. Anyways, seeing my state Leah and Annie knew that we needed to head to Cafeteria.

Since its the summer Cafeteria has its windows, which look like glass garage doors up, and a lovely breeze swept through the bright white, clean Chelsea eatery. We were quickly seated and I decided that blackberry vodka lemonade is needed ASAP (this later proved to be fatal), but at the time it was perfection.

This time I did it right and so did the other girls, here's what we ordered:

  • Grilled Cheese with bacon, tomato, served with homemade chips and tomato-basil soup

  • Buttermilk waffles with cinnamon cream and fresh berries

  • Mac Attack - tasting of all 3 macaroni and cheeses which include smoked gouda with bacon, truffle oil, and cheddar and fontina

Honestly I know Annie got something good (sorry Ann!), but I really can't remember because as I said earlier the blackberry lemonade turned on me quickly.

I've been to cafeteria drunk, sober, and hungover and each time have had the best experience. If you want comfort food with a avante garde twist, I highly, highly suggest Cafeteria.

119 7th Ave
New York, NY 10011
(212) 414-1717


Blueberry Lemonade - Cocktail Time!

>> Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Its news to me but I'll take it -- Vodka Lemonade's are this summer's drink (aside from Sangria of course!!) What better way to say goodbye to summer then to go out with a BANG?

This cocktail is sure to make you the hostess with the mostest (well, at least after a couple of drinks you may think so!)

As you know I don't measure anything and just pour till I think something will taste good, but trust me on this, you wont be disappointed.


  • Blueberry Vodka (I prefer Stoli's)

  • Lemonade (Crystal light works well)

  • Champagne (Cristal if you have it, if not Andre will do :) and this is optional )


In an 12 oz. glass (a tall drinking glass will work fine) pour 3 oz. of Blueberry vodka (approximately 1/4 of the glass) over ice. Add about 8 oz. of lemonade (just almost to the top). Then top the drink of with a little bit of champagne. Stir if you want, mix if you want, you know your likes, but the bottom line is DRINK!

Hope this summer drink provides you with many a good time!


Happy Belated Birthday to Bryant and Tracy!!

>> Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Bryant and Tracy! I know you both celebrated in style!

I guess this will be a test to see if you even read The Frugal Foodies...haha


BLT Prime

BLT Prime

Let me start this off by saying this meal was conducted with a method I like to call “eating by observation.” I was feeling a little under the weather at a dinner celebration for Annie’s birthday at BLT Prime, but came to say goodbye (SAD!) and again Happy Birthday.

I did eat some appetizers and saw the entrees so I feel that this gives me the power to review. Plus its my blog, get over it.

BLT (which stands for Bistro Laurent Tourondel) Prime is nestled on a side street off of Park Avenue and when you walk in there is a butchery right there. Literally racks of meat just hanging behind glass. This should give any diner confidence that their meat is top of the line. You don’t put your product out for everyone to see if it’s not up to par.

We sit comfortably at a table for 5 and as I look to my left I realize that in the midst of this nice restaurant there is the menu right on the wall, like calling foodies back to the mothership.

A true foodie, Leah takes the reins of this dining experience and starts to order some appetizers. In the meantime, our server brings us some bread. Oh and when I say bread I mean steaming hot “puffs” that looks like they should be in some sort of trippy book from the 60s (imagine the mushrooms from Alice in Wonderland, slender at the bottom but overflowing at the top.) Not kidding these things are HUGE. You break open the bread and a cloud of steam just rising from the clearly fresh baked puff. Butter is melting so fast over the rough terrain of the bread; it’s all I can do to stop the melting from getting all over me. This was one of those experiences where I had to mentally tell myself to slow down. I couldn’t get the bread in my mouth fast enough. Amazing. They give you the recipe. Trouble.

Then the appetizers come

  • Tuna tartar with avocado
  • Lobster cobb salad
  • Crab cakes

This is one of those time when nothing was my favorite. How could I pick when everything was DELICIOUS. Seriously, if I didn’t exert some sort of self-control, my face would have been buried in the dishes and I would only come up for air.

Well since I wasn’t feeling good before I came, the fact that I have very little self control and continued to eat definitely didn’t make me feel better so I left shortly after that, but the good news is I was around for the entrees. Leah and Annie both got the filets and they come with sauces, so they got the bearnaise, chimichurri, and 3 mustard.

Although I didn't eat I can safely say that diners will not be disappointed. Everything from the service to the incredible bread, was magnificent.

BLT Prime
111 E 22nd St
New York, NY 10010
(212) 995-8500



>> Monday, August 4, 2008

Good news foodies, I have been extremely well fed over the past week, which means lots of reviews for you!

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with some good friends to celebrate a birthday for Miss Annie. A foodie herself she had picked Tom Collichio’s (yes the Top Chef judge’s) Craft. Craft is the flagship of the Craft brand which extends to include Craftbar, Craft Steak, and Wichcraft (an extraordinary sandwich restaurant that specializes in being awesome)

Annie and her family are my favorite kind of diners, sharers. They believe in ordering what you want, but be prepared to share, and do not order the same as someone else – duh, you’re sharing!
So that is what we did, and basically set the tone of go big or go home.

  • Japanese Wagyu Carpaccio

  • Hamachi tartar

  • Yellowfin tartar

  • FrisĂ©e & Coppa (my order, by far the weakest. I know, I know.)

  • Sweetbreads

  • Pork belly ravioli

So let’s talk about my favorite, the Wagyu Carpaccio. Um, I never thought I would say that a piece of meat would melt in my mouth, but that is in fact what this delectable little teaser did, simple melted in my mouth and left me wanting more (the sign of a incredible dish, or a fatty, I don t know). There was some sort of salt/cheese mixture on the bottom that just enhanced every ounce of this rare treat. Nice job Scott!

On to the main course…I don’t know why I brought my C game to dinner, but I did and had a craving for bass, going against my better judgment of ordering something unique. Everyone else was on point

  • Bass

  • Tai Snapper

  • Cod

  • Aged steak

  • Short rib

Basically everyone’s was a winner except for mine. It was by no means bad, but just a little bland (Tom Collichio, I know). The snapper had some berries with that provided the right pop just as you placed the fish in your mouth. The short ribs were so tender and flavorful I could have eaten the whole thing. The steak, oh the steak, talk about melt in your mouth. Aged for days, that sucker was ready to be cooked and devoured. The cod was fantastic as well.
Honoring Annie’s birthday we had the tart and chocolate soufflĂ© with a special “Happy Birthday Annie” decorated across the top :)

Overall, a true dining experience with everything from the wine to the company. Thanks to Annie and her family!!

900 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
(212) 461-4300


Happy Birthday Annie!!

>> Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Annie, who has provided me with many culinary experiences!! Be looking for new posts soon!!



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