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>> Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here is something that I love about New York; people understand that you don't need to be good at everything, just do one thing and do it well. I think that is what the people behind Pomme Frites were thinking, "we're not really good at anything aside from fries and sauces so let's just make an entire shop around that..." And they did!! Nestled between a bar and a deli lies the promise land, Pomme Frites, a valley full of delicious fries (or frites) and sauces. 

I had heard about this place for a long time and this weekend finally decided it's time I taste this on my own. I was shocked at the size of the place. It's literally just a long hallway fitted with two big deep fryers, a cooler and a back section that seats about 14-15 people. It's hot, it's greasy, it's awesome. 

On the board in the back there are about 20 different sauces (mostly mayonnaise based) that you can pick from. Each sauce is $1.00 or you can get a combo for $2.50, and they will let you try any or all of them for free. The people there are honestly there to help you and don't seem annoyed when you want to try 6 different sauces :)

I ordered a regular fries (for $4.50) with pomegrante teriyaki sauce. Holy. Mother. There was so much food. A regular fries from this place is like getting them super sized at McDonald's. I mean it was huge, but so good. The fries were served in a paper cone and were definitely hand cut, crunchy on the outside, mushy on the inside, just the way I like it. The sauce. Oh the sauce. The sauce was everything that I look for a in dipping vehicle, salty, sweet, with a little kick at the end. I tried the rosemary garlic and horseradish sauces and while both delicious, the garlic and the horseradish had a little more kick than I was looking for, but I could easily see myself ordering them another day. 

Once I got my snack/meal, I sat down at one of the single stools in the back and went to town. On the tables they have little holes cut out so you can stick you cone in there and eat with a fork and basically demolish the food. I ate what felt like 5 lbs of potatoes but barely made a dent in the cone. I asked for a bag and wrapped everything up and ate it later in a park :)

Is Pomme Frites worth it? Absolutely. I will say this: don't go alone, bring friends and get more sauces. The regular is definitely enough to share amongst three people and there are so many sauces to chose from I had a hard time picking one! 

Pomme Frites
123 2nd Avenue 
New York, NY 10003


J. Floyd May 26, 2009 at 11:09 AM  

I love the Diet Coke in the picture...it says, I may be gaining 5 pounds from this meal, but not from this beverage...

Renee Barone May 27, 2009 at 11:00 AM  

hahaha, gotta watch that girlish figure...

Acrossthemoat June 1, 2009 at 4:29 PM  

I just about fell off my stool when I saw the diet coke chillin next to those fries! Girl-you make me smile!<3


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