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>> Monday, July 12, 2010

I want to tell everyone a story. It's filled with adventure, love and of course, a hero. Our story begins like so many others; one day I was glancing at my Twitter feed when I noticed a re-tweet about a "flirty cupcake." Intrigued, I clicked on the link and was taken to a Facebook page where there are different times and locations scheduled around Chicago. I'm no genius, but I quickly ascertained that we were dealing with some sort of traveling cupcake machine...SOLD.

Street food is nothing new to me, but in Chicago, Mayor Daley would prefer that we not have street vendors so it's been a while since I've had the pleasure of stumbling along say, a Mr. you can understand my compulsiveness checking out the list of times and locations and the disappointment in realizing none are near me for a couple of days. Tragedy of all tragedies.

For several days I stalk the Facebook and Twitter sites for any indication that Flirty Cupcakes and their trusted van, Big Blue will be headed my way. Nothing. Nothing in a 5 block radius. I am beginning to think that maybe the Flirty Cupcake and I just aren't meant to be.

Then one hot summer day, my co-worker Emily tells me the good news - Big Blue will be by our office around 3pm! Alarms set, bags packed and 2 hours to go! I will finally have my cupcake! Then as if the universe is really trying to tell me to stick to my diet, we see the update that Big Blue is out of cupcakes and they will return first thing tomorrow. Hope, sorrow, extreme feelings of loss. I can't describe the pain of that moment.

So we waited...and at 10:55am the next day, we head out the door. It's time.

As we walk up the stairs onto Illinois street, I am taken back at what can only be described as a batman mobile for cupcakes. Well actually, what a batman mobile would be like if all it did was eat cupcakes, either way this thing was awesome. Big Blue is in fact blue with pink accents everywhere. There's a large contraption at the top which I assume cools the van down so the cupcakes can maintain a constant temperature.

They have quite a variety of choices, but eyes go straight for my favorite - red velvet with cream cheese icing. This will be the ultimate test, because after spending a decent amount of time down South, I learned what a proper red velvet cake and cream cheese icing should taste like (not to mention it's my best friends favorite and I need to do right by my Elizabeth). With cute names like "Devil in Disguise," "McDreamy," and "The Curious George" etc. it definitely takes a minute to register all the deliciousness that could be had.

Headed back with my "Devil in Disguise" I am ready to indulge (before lunch nonetheless). I sit down at my desk and bask in the glory that is the cupcake. First thing I notice - strong proportions of frosting to cake. It seems like cupcake shops clobber on frosting like they never want to see me in a bathing suit. Next I notice that the wrapper is almost translucent; no complaints from me - this just means the cake is moist. I take my first bite. White noise. This is good. This is really good. 

The cake is so moist its almost hard to believe, the icing is a little hot from our trek back the office, but it is the RIGHT proportion of cream cheese to butter and sugar and not so sugary that you can feel the sugar crystals (you know what I am talking about - where the icing is almost crunchy/gritty). In general the proportions are just right, cupcakes now seem like they could be enough for three people, I can happily say that this cupcake was perfect for little ole me. And, yes, the cupcake is the hero in this story :)

So if you are in Chicago, follow Flirty Cupcakes on Twitter and Facebook - their dedicated team updates constantly throughout the day letting you know their positions. You won't be disappointed!!


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