Top 10 Worst Foods - Get 'em in while you can!!

>> Wednesday, December 30, 2009

With New Years around the corner, if you're anything like me, you are planning to start a diet. FYI, I eat. I eat a lot and while I never claimed to be a nutritionist I would like to imagine that I know which foods are good and bad for me. This video below breaks down the top 10 worst foods for you and what makes them so...most of them are pretty obvious once she says them, but definitely makes you think! #8 just breaks my heart and #4 was a total surprise!

If that was just a little too much for you to watch, I've listed below the 10 items she mentions:
10.  Fried catfish (fish has very little nutrients, and then is fried)
9. Canned soup (almost half of the daily sodium in 1 cup)
8. Bacon (basically just fried salt, fat and nitrates - but soooo good)
7. Fast food hamburgers (duh - they have lots of calories, fat and sugar)
6. Store bought goods - little debbies, ding dongs etc. (high in fat, trans fat, sugar, calories - death in a plastic wrap)
5. Classic potato chip (addictive, high in fat, calories and sodium)
4. Hot dogs and LUNCH MEAT (?) (high in sodium, nitrates)
3. French fries (some places use a 'paste' to create a fry - ewwww)
2. Donuts (high in fat, calories etc.)
1. Soda (sugar, caffeine, preservatives and sodium)

Basically everything she is saying make sense, but I hate to hear it. 2010 is the year to get healthy! What are your New Years resolutions? Does it involve food? Tell me about it!



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