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>> Thursday, December 18, 2008

So this week was another Holiday themed episode, and hey, I'm seasonal so I like it. The Quick Fire Challenge feature the goddess of all things domestic, Martha Stewart, and she tasked the chefs with creating a one pot wonder…

Here were the results:


  • Jeff – potato risotto (too starchy)
  • Eugene – Korean stew (didn't like corn syrup)
  • Fabio – polenta (couldn't tell mushrooms from polenta)


  • Hosea – paella
  • Jamie – scallop and kale
  • Ariana – beef on top of cauliflower puree

Winner: Ariana (SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY, I mean, she had Padma spit out her food)

So after Ariana wins immunity and the challenge is presented: Create dishes based on the theme of the 12 days of Christmas for an AIDS foundation for Guest judge Natasha Richarson


  • Jamie – 7 swans a swimming – crudo of scallop in vichyssoise with lemon agrumato, leeks and micro greens
    • problem: serve too raw, no one like temperature
  • Eugene – 5 golden rings - Poisson cru with pineapple ring and gold Yukon potato chip
    • too sweet
  • Melissa – 8 maids a milking – sourdough crustini and gorgonzola cheese with NY strip and cranberry vinaigrette
    • problem: all you got was cheese


  • Hosea – 11 pipers piping – smoked Pork tenderloin with chipotle mashed potatoes and apple brandy jus
  • Jeff – 10 lords a leaping – seared halloumi and kasseri cheese with roasted beets, pears, mint and spices
  • Stefan – 12 drummers drumming – chicken pot pies with English peas, white asparagus thyme and parsley
  • Radika – partridge in a pear tree – braised duck leg on toasted brioche with pear chutney and toasted pistachios

Winner: Hosea wins!!

Loser: NO ONE. Ok how lame is that? Holidays or not I still want someone kicked off, because, oh yeah, that's the point of the show. They always say "remember this is a competition" but yet they do things like this!!!!

I can only hope that in the next episode Melissa goes home. I don't know why, but she bothers me.



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