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>> Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I received an email a while back from my new friend Monica, at Sweet Leaf Teas about sending me some samples for their Citrus and Lemon Iced Teas. While I am not a huge iced tea fan, I did live a majority of my life in the South and understand what constitutes a good iced tea :) Upon receiving her email I immediately went to their website to do a little background research on the brand...

Wow! Being in the digital industry, websites are a huge deal for me and I was really impressed with theirs. Playful, yet clear navigation, led me throughout all the sections of the site and I learned all about their tea flavors and history. Yes, I'm a complete dork. I'll summarize the history very quickly: in 1998 Clayton decided that he wanted to make a tea like his Granny's (hence the bottle design) and by 2002 they had sold 10,000 at Austin City Limits (ironically this year at Lollapalooza was my first taste of Sweet Leaf). 

Anywayssss, my teas arrived and I was excited to dive in. I let the 100% organic citrus tea cool off in the fridge and then took my first sip. What I immediately notice was how incredibly refreshing it was AND there was zero aftertaste. A while back I tried the Lipton citrus teas and all I could think about was that horrific aftertaste like something died in the bottle. Ugh. Anyways, my point is this citrus tea had none of that. It was crisp, cool and refreshing! The Lemon tea was equally as refreshing, however if I had my pick I would definitely choose the citrus. 

If you see Sweet Leaf definitely give it a try, they have a ton of different flavors, less calories and more flavor  than soda. Best part is that they only use natural ingredients (none of this aspartame junk). If your aren't sure your store has Sweet Leaf use this handy dandy drink finder.  


joco07 October 27, 2010 at 11:21 AM  

I've downed a few raspberry sweet teas and there pretty awesome too, good product

TheFFs October 27, 2010 at 2:39 PM  

I am definitely excited to test out the raspberry as I am big fan.

I honestly can't get over how clean both drinks tasted. It's hard to find that in bottled drinks.

Thanks for your comment!

Sofia January 12, 2011 at 11:29 PM  

I love that iced tea, especially the lemon flavor! There was one time that we ordered a box of it and delivered to us here in Mississippi. Payday loans (well, a little portion of those, at least), and a bit of money from the emergency fund (again, a small amount from that) were used for buying that! Everyone here in the house absolutely loves Sweet Leaf Green Tea. There was another time that I bought another box of it after applying for a fast cash advance.


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