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It's 9 o'clock on a Saturday and I am with my Dad, uncle, and two couples of family friends nestled in a quaint wine shop sipping on Spanish wine while we wait for our table to open up next door at a bustling bistro. My family knows me, and they know me well. If there is one thing I like to do when I go to visit them it's eat and drink. While I have nothing against the friendly chain restaurant (and really, I don't), I do enjoy trying out new places and seeing where the locals dine. Having lived in New York and now Chicago, oh, and writing a food blog, a lot people think I'm a food snob. I'm not going to deny it - I am just a little bit. However, I am never rude about trying new places, especially when someone else is picking up the tab (thanks Dad!). So when my uncle suggested Tallulah's Wine Bar and Bistro in Birmingham, Michigan, I won't lie I was a little apprehensive. 

Ah, yes, sipping on wine. After waiting 30 minutes in Tallulah too, the wine store next door, we were seated at a long table tucked behind the door, with a perfect view of the whole restaurant. The whole restaurant being the other 20 tables there. This was not a large place. Exclusivity. I love it. 

Starving we ordered the fresh cheese plate, caesar salad and several other items immediately. While we wait, I had a chance to really dissect the menu. I was so please when I read that Tallulah supports its local Michigan farmers in every opportunity it can. From the vegetables to the meats, cheese etc. The rating just keeps on rising in my book. 

The cheese plate arrives and it's madness. Bread is flying, cheese is spread. The cheese was so creamy and light it kept reminding me of a alloute cheese. I kept tearing and spread. Tear, spread. I then moved on was able to taste a little of the caesar salad. The fresh parmesan and white anchovies were a knock out. So salty and delicious. 

For our entrees, my dad and I ended up splitting the whole trout with crispy pancetta, watercress, fennel and grapefruit. What I love most about ordering fresh trout is being able to enjoy the whole fish, especially the cheeks. Cheeks are one of those things that you constantly hear people talk about as being one of the best parts of the fish and now I understand why. They're so fatty and succulent. Trout as a whole is a rather light fish, but the cheeks have the consistently of something like salmon. Being several glasses of wine deep - this is what I remember. 

After two hours of dining, the restaurant clears and we all sit back and sigh, looking at the devastation we've left on the table. Every plate was clean and everyone was happy. 

Thanks to my Dad and Uncle Steve for a great night! If you are in the Birmingham, Michigan area Tallulah is definitely a place worth stopping by!

155 South Bates Street
Birmingham, MI 48009   


Louis Casinelli, Tallulah Marketing and Guest Relations September 24, 2010 at 6:05 PM  

Thank you for such a great write up! Everyone at Tallulah truly appreciates such a review. Even though you're in Chicago, we hope to see you and your family soon!

Renee September 27, 2010 at 1:50 PM  

Louis so glad you found my little blog here! I was so upset when I came home and realized that I didn't take any pictures. Do you have any that you would like to share?

If so feel free to email me at thefrugalfoodies@gmail.com

I know my readers would love to see a shot of the whole trout!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to pass along!


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