First Supper Club

>> Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Recently a group of five girls and I have all gathered to share in our love for food and created a supper club! What is a supper club you might ask? A supper club is simply a club where girls (sorry no boys!) gather together to share food, recipes, tips anything that you can think of related to food. Our club consisted of five founding memebrs: Kim, Mandy, Christine, Sara and myself. For this inaugural meeting we decided the theme was "signature dish" meaning that you should bring a dish that is your signature.

Everything about the night was just wonderful. Kim started the night off with roasted garlic and honey butter that we were to spread on a french loaf. At first I was thought - garlic and honey...hmm interesting combination, but then I tried it. For 24 years I have been a fool for not doing this all the time. It's so simple, yet sincerely delicious. This is going to be a staple at any dinner party that I have.

Next we moved onto the entree and sides. Despite the fact that I thought of the theme "signature dish" I went out on a limb and tried something completely new: djion-sage crusted pork loin with a dried fruit red wine sauce. Um. It was heavenly (see recipe here). I was really proud of this recipe since I took initiative and combined several different flavor profiles that I thought would work. Christine made this spicy and sweet corn casserole that literally left me eating the crumbs off my plate (not to mention that I have hoarding the left-overs) and Sara made a delicious pasta salad with onions, olives and feta that was light and refreshing.

For dessert we essentially had homemade Frosty's and they were AWESOME. I have never been able to figure out what makes a restaurant milkshake better than the ones at home and Mandy provided the answer: malted milk.

This was a great success and I am very excited for the next meeting. I will post the recipes to these delicious treats described soon!



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