>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a pleasant, pleasant surprise. This restaurant snuck up on me and I couldn't have been happier. August is some place that I have seen before and heard good things, but would probably never go there for no other reason than there are so many other places that I want to eat. So last week when my roommates informed me that we were having roomie dinner and we were going to August, I was happy to test it out.

That night I had to work late and came straight to the restaurant from work and to be honest, I wasn't in the best mood. A glass of pear champagne later, I was back in Frugal Foodie mood and ready to get the party started. What I loved immediately about the place was the back patio. Through the restaurant there is cover patio with greenery and chandeliers that make you feel like you are dining in an outside garden. So cute!

As a general rule, if you dine with me we are all going to get different things. So the table ordered the following:

  • Slow roasted suckling pig with smoked olive polenta
  • Whole roasted Orata
  • Grilled filet with lentils, tongue and a mustard bearnaise
  • Mussels in saffron and mustard
I won. I won so much it hurt. My politically incorrect suckling pig was so unbelievably good my mouth is watering as I write about this now. The smoked olive polenta was creamy, smokey, cheesy, basically it was the perfect comfort food.
I would set my fork down, then pick it right back up and scoop the deliciousness back in my mouth. Ugh, SO GOOD. Then the suckling pig. The sweet, baby, suckling pig. It was so tender and the skin so crispy, and the sauce was sweet. Overall all the requirements for the perfect disk - tender, crispy, sweet

The steak was moist, tender, nothing that I would order again, but still pretty good (I am picky person when it comes to what constitutes a steak that I would order again). The fish was so fresh and clean tasting it was pretty unbelievable. I love when they present the fish to you whole and then go back and filet it. I just like seeing the product in its natural state like that. Makes me feel better about the quality. The mussels were good, but to be honest the best part was the bread with pesto on top.

Another fine West Village eatery. Despite not being on the top of my "must eat" list, I was definitely happy with August and all of it's charm.

359 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 929-8727



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